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Home » French Composers » D'Anglebert

Jean-Henri D'Anglebert


Biography from the New Grove 2

Louis Couperin


Jean-Henry D'Anglebert. Suites de Clavecin. Zig Zag Territoires ZZT 090501 (1 CD, May 2009). Laurent Stewart, harpsichord. US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Jean-Henri D'Anglebert. Suites for Harpsichord. Naxos 8.570472-73 (2 CDs, October 2008). Elizabeth Farr, harpsichord & lute-harpsichord. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP
Chorégraphie: Music for Louis XIV's Dancing Masters. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907335 (1 CD, March 2007). Details. Music by Lully and Campra, transcribed by D'Anglebert. Andrew Lawrence-King, harp. US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Jean-Henri D'Anglebert. Pièces de Clavessin en Manuscrits. Arcana A337 (1 CD, October 2006). Liner notes (pdf). Paola Erdas, 1658 double harpsichord by Louis Denis (1635-1711), restored by Reinhard von Nagel in 2004-2005. This manuscript in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France almost certainly is in the hand of D'Anglebert. It includes pieces by D'Anglebert, Chambonniéres, Louis Couperin, Marais, Pinel, Ennemond & Denis Gaultier, Mézangeot & Richard. UK | DE | FR | JP
Jean-Henri D'Anglebert. Pièces de clavecin & airs d'après M. de Lully. Alpha 074 (2 CDs, May 2005). Details. Céline Frisch, harpsichord & organ. Café Zimmerman. Includes the original, orchestral versions of 11 movements by Lully transcribed for harpsichord by D'Anglebert. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP
Jean-Henri D'Anglebert. Oeuvres de Clavecin. Decca 458 588-2 (2 CDs 2000). Christophe Rousset, harpsichord. Superb recordings on the Colmar Ruckers. 159+ minutes of music, including the entire 1689 book except for the six organ pieces and original manuscript pieces. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP
Jean-Baptiste Lully, transcribed for harpsichord by Jean-Henri d'Anglebert. Les Songes agréables d'Atys. Parnassie 5110 (1 CD 2002). Brigitte Tramier. Recorded in 1999 at the Chateau de Versailles on a 1628 Ruckers. Transcriptions of movements from Atys, Armide, Cadmus & Hermoine, Acis & Galatée, Le Triomphe de l'Amour & Phaeton.
Jean-Henri D'Anglebert. Suites pour Clavecin. Pierre Verany PV 795012 (1 CD 1995). Brigitte Tramier. 1754 Hemsch harpsichord. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP

Reissued on Arion French Esprit (2003). UK | FR | DE

Jean-Henri D'Anglebert. Pièces pour clavier. Erato 245 007-2 (2 CDs 1990). Scott Ross, harpsichord and organ. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP

Recommended Music

Jean-Henri D'Anglebert. Oeuvres pour clavier. Edited by Kenneth Gilbert. Heugel, Le Pupitre.

Review by Kenneth Gilbert of the 1999 Fuzeau facsimile in JSCM 6.2. Fuzeau printed odd numbered pages on the right, although they were originally on the left, making for inconvenient page turns. They also failed to include an index. Gilbert concludes that the edition should be withdrawn and reprinted with odd pages on the left and an index added.

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