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Home » Composers » German Composers » GF Handel » Handel Operas » Lotario


By George Frideric Handel (Georg Friedrich Händel)


Handel. Lotario. (HWV 26, London 1729). dhm 82876587972 (2 CDs 2004). Alan Curtis, Il Complesso Barocco. Lotario: Hilary Summers, mezzo-soprano; Adelaide: Simone Kermes, soprano; Matilde: Sara Mingardo, contralto; Idelberto: Sonia Prina, contralto; Berengario: Steve Davislim, tenor; Clodomiro: Vito Priante, bass. Two incomplete recordings of Lotario have appeared simultaneously. This one not only deletes much recitative but the B sections and repeats in 6 of the 25 arias, which is simply unacceptable. The included libretto is similarly corrupt. BMG stiffed their best customers again, saving about 15 cents per set on the missing third CD. This is an outstanding performance and recording, and the music is some of Handel's finest. Hopefully a competent and ethical record company eventually will release a complete recording. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP
Reissued August 2011. US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Also reissued in the Handel Opera Collection. Sony dhm 88697489402 (22 CDs, April 2009). Details. This reissue includes the S. Kuijken recording of Alessandro, which has been out of print for many years. The best of the remaining opera recordings are Lotario (Curtis), Partenope (Kuijken) & Rodelinda (Schneider). Of these, only Schneider's Rodelinda has been superseded by a clearly superior recording. The others are of little or no interest: Malgoire's lackluster Rinaldo, Serse & Tamerlano and the comically incompetent old Rudel recording of Giulio Cesare. No librettos are included, nor are they available online. US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Handel. Lotario (excerpts). (HWV 26, London 1729). Oehms Classics OC 902 (1 CD 2004). Paul Goodwin, Kammerorchester Basel Barock. Lotario: Lawrence Zazzo, countertenor; Adelaide: Nuria Rial, soprano; Matilde: Annette Markert, contralto; Idelberto: Robert Cornelius, countertenor; Berengario: Andreas Karasiak, tenor; Clodomiro: Huub Claessens, bass. Merging this with the Curtis set does not produce a complete recording. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP

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Pietro Torri. Adelaide (Munich 1722). Libretto by Antonio Salvi.

Orlandini. Adelaide (Venice 1729). Rossi adapted Salvi's libretto for Handel. Strohm points out (p.60) that Orlandini's score may also have been drawn on as a text-source. Handel also used several of Orlandini's arias in 1730 in his pasticcio Ormisda.


Winton Dean. Handel's Operas, 1726-1741 (Boydell Press 2006).

R. Strohm, "Handel and his Italian opera texts." Essays on Handel and the Italian Opera. (Oxford University Press 1985).


Le magazine de l'opera-baroque page on Lotario

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