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Home » Composers » German Composers » GF Handel » Handel Operas » Sosarme

Sosarme (Fernando) (1732)

By George Frideric Handel (Georg Friedrich Händel)


Handel. Fernando, Rè di Castiglia - first draft of Sosarme, Rè di Media. (HWV 30, London 1732). Virgin Veritas VCS 3654832 (2 CDs, January 2007). Details. Alan Curtis, Il Complesso Barocco. The recording is of Handel's first draft version after Salvi's libretto for an opera by Perti that Handel supposedly attended in Florence in 1707. Handel's Fernando included music that was cut before the first performance of Sosarme. (The names had to be changed for political reasons.) Fernando (Sosarme): Lawrence Zazzo, countertenor; Elvida (Elmira): Verónica Cangemi, soprano; Isabella (Erenice): Marianna Pizzolato, mezzo-soprano; Sancio (Melo): Max Emanuel Cencic, countertenor; Dionisio (Haliate): Filippo Adami, tenor; Altomaro: Antonio Abete, bass; Alfonso (Argone): Neal Bannerjee, tenor. This recording is yet another shameful example of EMI's greed at the expense of artistic integrity. 3 CDs were necessary for a complete performance, but EMI saved a few cents per copy by limiting it to 2 CDs. They'll sell just as many 2-CD sets as they would 3-CD sets, and none of the despicable EMI suits know or care whether arias are cut or missing. I hope that in the future improved technology will make it possible to bypass the record companies entirely, as they're good for nothing other than distribution. So there's still no competent recording of Sosarme/Fernando. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP
Handel. Sosarme, Rè di Media. (HWV 30, London 1732). Newport Classics NPD 85575 (2 CDs 1994). Johannes Somary, Amor Artis Orchestra. Sosarme: D'Anna Fortunato, contralto; Elmira: Julianne Baird, soprano; Haliate: John Aler, tenor; Erenice: Jennifer Lane, contralto; Argone: Raymond Pellerin, countertenor; Melo: Drew Minter, countertenor; Altomaro: Nathaniel Watson, bass (shown in the only cast list as singing "Varo", a character not in the opera). [Commentary and synopsis by the Czech Handel Society for their 2003 performances.] US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP

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G.A. Perti. Dionisio, rè di Portogallo. (Pratolino 1707). Libretto by Antonio Salvi.


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Winton Dean, "Handel's Sosarme, a Puzzle Opera" (1975), reprinted in Winton Dean, Essays on Opera. Oxford University Press 1990. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP


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