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A History of the Harpsichord

Compiled by Edward L. Kottick
Indiana University Press 2003 Review

1. FLEMISH SPINETT VIRGINAL: Giles Farnaby, "Why Ask You." Colin Tilney, 1580 spinett virginal by Marten van der Biest (Archive/Polydor LP Stereo 2533-379).

2. FLEMISH HARPSICHORD: William Byrd, "My Lady Nevill's Ground." Chris Farr, 1639 Andreas Ruckers harpsichord (RCM 2007).

3. SIXTEENTH-CENTURY ITALIAN VIRGINAL: William Byrd, "La Volta." Sharon Gould, 1568 Marco Jadra virginal (Harpsichords and Virginals at the Victoria and Albert Museum).

4. SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY ITALIAN HARPSICHORD: Giovanni Picci, "Toccata." Byron Schenkman, 1662-82 Giacomo Ridolfi harpsichord (Wildboar WLBR 9512).

5. ITALIAN OCTAVE SPINET: Marco Facoli, "Tedesca dita la Proficia." Sharon Gould; anon. ca. 1600 octave spinet (Harpsichords and Virginals at the Victoria and Albert Museum).

6. SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH HARPSICHORD: François Couperin, "Les Rozeaux." Sharon Gould, 1681 Vaudry harpsichord (Harpsichords and Virginals at the Victoria and Albert Museum).

7. SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY GERMAN HARPSICHORD: Girolamo Frescobaldi, "Toccata Nona." Zsusza Pertis, anon. German harpsichord, Hungarian National Museum (Hungaroton SLPX 11741).

8. SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY ENGLISH VIRGINAL: John Bull, "Les Buffons." Peter Williams, 1668 Stephen Keene virginal (Criterion SCH 741; reproduced by permission of the curator of The Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments, University of Edinburgh).

9. EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY CRISTOFORI-ACTION PORTUGUESE PIANO: João de Sousa Carvalho, "Andante con gran espressione" from Toccata in G. Susanne Skyrm, 1767 Antunes Piano (Music and Arts CD-985).

10. EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY FRENCH HARPSICHORD: Jacques Duphly, "La Forqueray." Arthur Haas, 1785 Jacques Germain harpsichord (Wildboar WLBR 9201).

11. EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY FLEMISH HARPSICHORD: Joseph Hector Fiocco, "Adagio" from First Suite. Ton Koopman,1763 Jacob van den Elsche harpsichord (Auvidis-Astree CD E7731).

12. EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY NORTH-GERMAN HARPSICHORD: Johann Sebastian Bach, "Variation 16" from Goldberg Variations. Alan Curtis, 1728 Christian Zell harpsichord (EMI/DRM CD CDM7630622).

13. ENGLISH BENTSIDE SPINET: William Croft, "Almand in G." Richard Burnett, ca. 1700 Cawton Aston spinet (Amon Ra CD SAR 6).

14. EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY ENGLISH HARPSICHORD: Thomas Arne, "Sonata no. 7 (Presto, Andante, Allegro)." Richard Burnett, 1756 Jacob Kirkman harpsichord (Amon Ra CD SAR 6).

15. EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY ENGLISH HARPSICHORD (WITH MACHINE AND VENETIAN SWELL): George Frideric Handel, "Introduction" to Zadok the Priest (arr. by Kenneth Mobbs). Kenneth Mobbs, 1785 Longman and Broderip harpsichord (made by Thomas Culliford).

16. TWENTIETH-CENTURY REVIVAL HARPSICHORD, PLEYEL GRAND MODÈLE DE CONCERT. Johann Sebastian Bach, Italian Concerto, "Allegro." Wanda Landowska, Pleyel harpsichord.

17. TWENTIETH-CENTURY REVIVAL HARPSICHORD, NEUPERT WITH BACH DISPOSITION: Johann Sebastian Bach, "Duetto in F" Zuzana Růžičková Neupert harpsichord (Musical Heritage ERA 9046).

18. TWENTIETH-CENTURY REVIVAL HARPSICHORD, JOHN CHALLIS: Domenico Scarlatti, Sonatas 35, 36. Ralph Kirkpatrick, Challis harpsichord (Odyssey/CBS Stereo 32 26 0012).

19. LATE-TWENTIETH-CENTURY HARPSICHORD: Louis Couperin, "Passacaille" from Suite in C. Katherine Roberts, 1987 John Phillips harpsichord (after Nicholas Dumont, 1707) (Koch 3-7239-2H1).

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