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Early Music FAQ

Resources of Singers - Historically Informed Performance by Karen Mercedes - exceptional collection of early music links and citations

The Italian Music Homepage

Complete Facsimile of Volume IV of A General History of Music by Charles Burney.

Muse Barock (in French) - interesting content, including a table comparing the key descriptions of Charpentier and Mattheson.

The Stabat Mater, a musical journey

Florio's 1611 Italian/English Dictionary: Queen Anna's New World of Words

Musique Baroque à Versailles

Harmony Assistant - Powerful musical notation software. A license with free upgrades costs $70.

Baroque Music Resources by Gordon J. Callon, Acadia University

Andrew Lawrence-King on baroque gesture.

Early Music Recordings

Bruno Cornec's Monthly Compilation of French EM Reviews [shorter English version] [Google search for back listings]. Little activity in recent years.

An Overview of Period Instrument CDs (1580-1830) - Quite a comprehensive list that is updated regularly, with new release information.

Classical Music and Opera Exchange - Share and exchange non-commercial opera recordings. Possibly out of business?

Berkshire Record Outlet - Many imports show up in the U.S. for the first time as BRO cutouts.

Early Music Labels

Authentic Performance Recording Labels

Classical Labels by Andreas Kopp

Classical Record Label List by

Indiana University Record Labels, Producers & Studios

Early Music World by Brian Robins

Reviews by Brian Robins in Fanfare Magazine

musica Dei donum by Johan van Veen

Discographie de musique médiévale: la sélection de la presse francophone

Musique en Wallonie

Opernhaus Halle CDs, including Handel's Tolomeo

Swineshead Productions - Digital recording experts.

Tom's of Maine Toothpaste - Low grit polish works well in removing scratches from used CDs. All flavors available from

Staticmaster 3" brush - Best dust remover for use on LPs.

Checklist of CDs that may suffer from Bronzing or "CD Rot"

How to replace corroded Hyperion CDs following closure of the PDO Helpline in November 2006.

The Galant Masters Project - 5-year project commencing in 2011 to produce scores and recordings of galant liturgical works.

Internet Radio

Operacast - Opera on the Internet

Operacast - Opera Stations

BBC Radio 3 - The Early Music Show


J.S. Bach

American Bach Society - recent newsletters are online

Bach Bibliography

Dr. Yo Tomita's Homepage - publications and links about J.S. Bach.

Bach Portal

Bach 101 - from the Bach Choir of Bethlehem website

Bach Cantatas - includes discographies for all the Bach cantatas.

Johann Sebastian Bach Catalogue BWV

Diskographie der Werke Johann Sebastian Bach & der Bach-Familie - with news of recently discovered or identified works

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Page

Johann Ludwig Bach - Article by Daniel R. Melamed about JL Bach and his motets.

Christian Bernhard's Figures (rules for dissonance usage) from his Tractatus compositionis augmentatus (1660?)

Heinrich Biber Homepage

Dietrich Buxtehude Catalogue

The Keyboard Music of William Byrd

Antonio Caldara - A sample of research, publications and recordings by Brian Pritchard.

Notes on Caldara's Confitebor tibi Domine by Brian Pritchard

Robert Cambert & librettist Pierre Perrin

Jean De Castro

Espace Marc-Antoine Charpentier

Catalogue Charpentier after Hitchcock

Muzio Clementi

The Couperin Family

Charles Coypeau, dit "Dassoucy"

The Dowland Lute Manuscript

Jacques Duphly -- Les 4 livres de clavecin - facsimiles free online in pdf: Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | Book 4

The Durante Project

International Fasch Society

Johann Jakob Froberger Keyboard Music Discography

Baldassare Galuppi, dit "Il Buranello"

Christoph-Graupner-Gesellschaft E.V.

Graupner 2010

Christoph Graupner - Very impressive, comprehensive Handel site.

American Handel Society [Newsletter Archive]

Georg Friedrich Händel Catalogue HWV

Handel House Museum - London

Händel-Haus Halle

The Hasse Project

Franz Joseph Haydn

Franz Josef Haydn Catalogue

Haydn Society of Great Britain

Reinhard Keiser Non-profit Society - Teuchern

William Lawes

Leonardo Leo

Espace Paolo Lorenzani

Jean-Baptiste Lully

Espace Jean-Baptiste Lully

The Jean-Baptiste Lully Collection - 21 published opera scores online in pdf.

Claudio Monteverdi - List of Works

The Mozart Project

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Catalogue KV

The Three Versions of Mozart's Exultante, jubilate. By Paul Zweifel.

Johann Pachelbel Works

The Porpora Project

Henry Purcell

Henry Purcell List of Works

Johann Joaquim Quantz

Johann Joaquim Quantz (1697-1773): Portraits, Concordances and Research Tools by Mary Oleskiewicz

The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft

Johan Helmich Roman

Domenico Sarro

The (Alessandro) Scarlatti Project

Domenico Scarlatti Harpsichord Sheet Music

Samuel Scheidt Discography

Heinrich-Schütz-Haus - Bad Köstriz

The Harpsichord Music of Antonio Soler

Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel - "Bist du bei mir"

Alessandro Stradella

Barbara Strozzi

Georg Philipp Telemann Catalogue TWV

Jacob van Eyck

Antonio Vivaldi Catalogue RV

Sylvius Leopold Weiss

Weiss Plucked

Jan Dismas Zelenka - ZWV Catalogue

Domenico Zipoli

Composers - Compilations

18th Century English Music

Classical Composers Database

Composers - CBEL Links

DW3 Classical Music Resources

Early English Musick 1385-1714 - on

Musiciens Wallons

The Research Periods - on

Renaissance and Baroque Music: Composers


Baroque Gestures

The International Opera Foundation Eszterháza - The IOFE hope to reconstruct the 1781 Eszterháza opera house based on detailed, original documentation; resurrect the original Eszterháza repertoire of nearly 100 operas by Haydn and other composers; and establish an International Opera Academy where the different elements of 18th Century opera performances would be researched and taught to singers, stage directors, designers and scholars. - Lots of useful information, including forthcoming performances and recordings.

Opera in Seventeen-Century Venice - The Creation of a Genre by Ellen Rosand, University of California Press 1991. Online book.

Opera Today - Reprints recent reviews not available elsewhere online.

Ars Magna Lucis & Umbrae

Oeuvres lyriques parodiées (1669-1752) - liste de travail en cours

L'ouverture à la française

Appollon et Cyrène by Jean-Baptiste Allain-Dupré, an ancestor of the early flute virtuoso Philippe Alain-Dupré.

Chateau de Versailles

OperaGlass Opera Composers - with chronological lists of operas.

Baroque Libretto - some French librettos online

Bob's Opera World - covers a few early operas ( copy)

Robin Linklater - Theatre & Opera Design - Specialist in baroque opera costumes and design.

Bonnie Kruger - Specialist in baroque opera costumes and design.

Suzi Clarke, Costumier

Parrish Relics - Jewelry and costume accessories for historic productions.

Pietro Metastasio - Chart of librettos and the composers who set them by Philippe Gelinaud. (Chronological list.) Fewer than 1% of the surviving operas on Metastasio's librettos have been recorded.

Eighteenth Century Studies Handbook for Metastasio Research - Includes a detailed Metastasio discography.

Pietro Metastasio Website - Texts are being placed online.

Silvio Stampiglia - Another great librettist.

Carlo Goldoni - Another great librettist.

The Scanderbeg Operas of Vivaldi and Francoeur - Vivaldi's Scanderbeg (Florence 1718) is known only from the printed libretto (text by Salvi) and four arias. It was the only Vivaldi opera in which Francesca Cuzzoni appeared (as Doneca).

Lied and Song Texts Page

Andreas Praefacke's Web Pages - Opera in Germany, Austria & Switzerland


Libretto List - many dead links

Renascence Editions - An online repository of works printed in English between 1477 and 1799, including The Beggar's Opera.

French Opera in the 17th and 18th Centuries - A Facsimile Series. To include facsimile scores and librettos of 75 operas, of which 13 have been published thus far.

Francesco Borosini

ODB Opéra


Corpo Barocco: Sigrid T'Hooft - Early Dance and Staging

Matt's Baroque Dance Pages - with comprehensive Links

Heroes and Harlequins: Dance & Pantomime on the English Stage in the early 18th Century by Barbara Segal (with photographs and video clips) - The Early Dance Lecture 2005

Baroque Dance - Library of Congress article

La Belle Danse - Toronto

Calendar of Early Dance

CD Recordings and Manual for Early Dance - by Dorothée Wortelboer

Consort de Danse Baroque

Danceries Thibaud de Champagne

Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society

Early Arts Guild of Victoria - Includes the Australian Gesture Workshop and the Rippon Lea Renaissance and Baroque Dancers

Early Dance Circle (UK)

L'Eclat des Muses

Compagnie de Danse Baroque L'Eventail

Les fêtes d'Hébé

Histoire de la Danse

Institute for Historical Dance Practice (IHDP)

New York Baroque Dance Company Performance Archive - online videos

New York Historical Dance Company

Compagnie Outre Mesure

Renaissance Dance

Seattle Early Dance

Stravaganze - Danses Anciennes

Singing and Perforance Practice

Bassus Generalis - Dedicated to translation and discussion of historical sources about basso continuo and performance practice.

Orfeo - Articles, photos, midi files and much more.

Operas with Farinelli - Many of the operas survive and perhaps eventually will be edited and performed.

Francesco Borosini

Male Altos (and Sopranos)

The Male Soprano Page

The Countertenors

Flavio Ferri Benedetti's Links

New Forum for Classical Singers

The Castrati


Chantez-vous Français? by Olivier Bettens

Excerpts by Sally Sanford and Julianne Baird from A Performer's Guide to Seventeenth-Century Music.

Inside Early Music: Bernard Sherman's Website

Use of Vibrato in Baroque Vocal Music

"You can never be right all the time". Interview with Nicolas McGegan from Inside Early Music, by Bernard Sherman, pp. 244-254.

Keyboard Instruments

Boston Clavichord Society

British Clavichord Society

British Harpsichord Society

Clavichord Technique and Performance Practice: An Annotated Bibliography by Robert Kelley

ECHO - European Cities of Historical Organs

Encyclopedia of Organ Stops

Fédération Francophone des Amis de L'orgue - FFAO


Fortepiano Information Site

French - English Harpsichord Lexicon

French Harpsichords - Annotated List of 17th & 18th Century instruments

Gottfried Silbermann: Master organ-builder of the German baroque

Grant O'Brien Early Keyboard Instruments

Hendrik Bouman - The Classical Muse

Het Orgel Links - Very comprehensive organ links, updated daily.

History of the PianoForte

Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society

Nivers, L'Art d'Accompagner sur la Basse Continue pour l'Orgue et le Clavecin (1689)(pdf). Bi-lingual - translated into English by Robert Kelley.

Organs of Arp Schnitger (1648-1719)

Richard Thomas John's Early Keyboard Links

San Diego Harpsichord Society

Claviers Baroques Harpsichord Expert

Jack Peters Harpsichords

William Jurgenson Harpsichords

Paul Y. Irvin Harpsichords

David Werbeloff Harpsichords - I heard a superb recital by Byron Schenkman on a Werbeloff Trasuntino at the Frick Collection.

John Sankey - Harpsichordist to the Internet

Beunk & Wennick Early Pianos

Swensen's Piano & Fortepianos

Carey Beebe Harpsichords Australia - see his "Clavichord on the Nullabor"

Southeast Historical Keyboard Society

Understanding Temperaments

Keyboard temperament analyzer / calculator by Bradley Lehman

Johann Sebastian Bach's Tuning by Bradley Lehman

Nigel Taylor's Tuning Page

Interview with Christopher Stembridge, who discusses chromatic instruments.

Korg MasterTune MT-1200 Electronic Tuner - The best electronic tuner for historic temperaments, allowing the user to program custom temperaments. Pitch range of a=390-470. Unfortunately, out of production since 2000, but MT-1200s occasionally are sold on eBay. Tips: (1) Use your ears -- don't look at the needle! (2) Tune no more than one octave from the Korg -- the octaves it generates are not in tune!

Paper by Paul Poletti on historical temperaments, with a guide to alternative programming for the Korg MT-1200 tuner. (pdf)

Absynth 2 software synthesizer -- extremely flexible tuner for setting and demonstrating historical temperaments. Favorably reviewed by Paul Poletti on the hpschd-l.

Other Products I Recommend

Other Instruments

American Musical Instrument Society

American Recorder Society

The Baroque Bassoon Page - includes a discography

Baroque Arias with Obligato Bassoon

Baroque String Playing for ingenious learners - information about a book by Judy Tarling published by Corda Music Publications (2001).

A Brief History of the Lute by David Van Edwards, Luthier.

Chitarrone, Theorbo and Archlute. By Robert Spencer. Early Music 4(4) (1976).

CIMCIM: Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments in Public Collections of the World

Daniel Larson - String instrument builder whose website includes pages on tying lute frets, tying viol frets, and tying tail gut.

Société Française de Luth - French Lute Society

La flûte traversière en Europe au XVIème et XVIIème Siécles. By Philippe Allain-Dupré.

Lost and/or Stolen Flutes

Playing in Tune on a Baroque Flute. By Catherine Folkers. Traverso 10 (1): 1-3 (1998).

Interesting message by flute builder Rod Cameron to the earlyflute list in response to a question about flute materials. [Update replying to responsive messages.]

The Galpin Society for the Study of Musical Instruments

Historic Brass Society

Historical Harp Society

International Double Reed Society

The Lute Page

The Lute Society (UK)

The Lute Society of America

Lyra Viol's Alive

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

The Monteverdi Violins

La Musette Baroque

Musette de cour

Natural Trumpet Discography by Dave Baum

Real Gut Strings by George Stoppani

Recorder Home Page (Australia)

The Recorder Player's Page

Society of Recorder Players

Société Française de Viole by Lynda Sayce

Viola d'amore

Viola d'amore Society of America

Viola da Braccio - Website of baroque violinist and instrument builder Dmitry Badiarov, who has built violoncellos da spalla for himself, Sigiswald Kuijken, and Ryo Terakado.

The Viola da Gamba - with comprehensive discography and Jonathan Dunford's liner notes.

Viola da Gamba Bibliography

Viola da Gamba Foundation of the Netherlands - Stichting GAMBA

Federation of Viola da Gamba Societies

Viola da Gamba Society

Viola da Gamba Society of America

Zic Trad - Le Jeu sur les Musiques Traditionnelles


Concerto - Das Magazin für Alte Musik

Continuo - Now defunct, but December 1996 to December 1998 issues remain online and can be accessed through this Site Search.

The Double Reed - articles online in pdf

Early Keyboard Journal

Early Music [Index compiled by Charles Stroom]

Early Music Review - The essential monthly newsletter by Clifford Bartlett & King's Music.

Early Music Today

Eighteenth Century Music (Cambridge University Press)

Embellishments - Newsletter of A-R Editions

Fanfare Magazine

FoMRHI - Fellowship of Makers & Researchers of Historical Instruments Quarterly [Index compiled by Charles Stroom]

Galpin Society Journal Index compiled by Charles Stroom

Goldberg Magazine

Gramophone [The Joyce Hatto Hoax - promoted by Gramophone and blown up by bloggers.]

Harpsichord & Fortepiano

Het Orgel - English & Dutch, article summaries online.

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music - all issues available online

Muse Baroque

Resonance (pdf) - Newsletter of the Eastman Organ Department

La Revue de Musicologie


Sheet Music (See Composers for additional online sheet music)



A-R Editions


Edition Baroque

Blackwell's Music Shop, Oxford

Cantata Editions

Carus-Verlag Stuttgart

Edition Musica Poetica

Editions Musicales Chanvrelin - organ music


Dr. Hans Schneider Verlag GmbH

Arnoldo Forni Editore

Fuzeau Facsimiles

Hapsburger Verlag

Edition HH

Heugel - Le Pupitre (Alphonse Leduc)

Jacks, Pipes and Hammers

King's Music


Lexnews - New editions of French early music

Lionel Sawkins

Minkoff Facsimiles

Music Publishers - Links by the Library of the Indiana U. School of Music

Edition Musiklandschaften - Scores edited by Johannes Pausch, including operas and oratorios by Mattheson, Telemann and Gasparini.

Musique ancienne de Clavier

Éditions de L'Oiseau-Lyre

Editions Orphée - lute and guitar music publisher

PBR Productions

Prima la musica!

K.G. Saur

Saul B. Groen

Studio per Edizioni Scelte (SPES)

Éditions du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles

Werner Icking Music Archives - Free Sheet Music

Early Music Centers and Societies

Boston Early Music News - Online Calendar

Constellation Center - Forthcoming 4-theater complex at Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, including a 450-seat, baroque opera theater with sliding scenery (Odeon) & a 1,000-seat theater with a large tracker organ after the Hildebrandt organ in Naumburg (Great Hall).

Early Music America

Early MusiChicago

Early Music Colorado

Early Music News (UK)

FEVIS: Fédération des Ensembles Vocaux et Instrumentaux Spécilisés - Features web pages for the members.

Houston Early Music

International Musicological Society

MusicSources Center for Historically Informed Performance - Berkeley, CA

National Centre for Early Music - York

National Early Music Association UK - Publishers of the annual Early Music Yearbook

Netzwerk für Alte Musik

Associazione culturale Orfeo nella rete

Centre de Musique Médiévale de Paris

Princeton Early Keyboard Center

San Francisco Early Music Society

Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Society for 17th Century Music [Conference Abstracts]

Society for 18th Century Music

Southern California Early Music Society

Tesori Musicali Toscani

Toronto Early Music Centre

Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles

Westfield Center - Seattle

[See The PIPE List for a comprehensive directory of early music groups with contact details.]

Early Music Blogs

Branle de Champaigne

Dmitry Badiarov Baroque Violin Blog

Early Music Blog by Niklas Saers

The Early Music Blog (Italian language)

The Early Music Blog (Excerpts from Goldberg Magazine)

Ionarts - Arts blog with some early music coverage.

Lutes, Viols and Other Ancient Instruments

Musikalische Opfer

New York Baroque Dance Company Blog

Shaun Ng - viol in Western Australia

Oates for Tanger - Alan Cowderoy


Vespers 1610, An Early Music Blog by Craig Zeichner

Other Interesting Websites Early Music files and links

La Folia

Musical Borrowing: An annotated bibliography. Indiana U. - Good source for references.

SCA Medieval and Renaissance Music Page

TV Turnoff Network


Review of "An English Girlye Mass" by the Madstone Maydens. David Vernier.

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