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AndreasSchollSociety [Latest messages]

BachAndHandelResearchResources [Latest messages]

BachCantatas [Latest messages]

BachMusicology [Latest messages]

BachRecordings [Latest messages]

Castrati_History [Latest messages]

cittern [Latest messages]

claudiomonteverdi [Latest messages]

clavichord [Latest messages]

cornettozink [Latest messages]

DavidDanielsFans [Latest messages]

Dietrich_Buxtehude [Latest messages]

Dulcian-List [Latest messages]

earlyflute [Latest messages]

fortepiano [Latest messages]

FrenchBaroque [Latest messages]

Gluck [Latest messages]

grandemozart [Latest messages]

Handel-l [Latest messages]

Handel_forever [Latest messages]

HandelAndHisWorld [Latest messages]

Haydn [Latest messages]

Heinrich_Schuetz [Latest messages]

HIPRecordings [Latest messages]

Iestyn_Davies [Latest messages]

italianbaroque [Latest messages]

JeanPhilippeRameau [Latest messages]

lyricoperatrading [Latest messages]

Lully [Latest messages]

lute - Archives up to July 2001

mozart [Latest messages]

MusicaBarocca [Latest messages]

NaturalTrumpet [Latest messages]

Orfeo [Latest messages]

recorder [Latest messages]

RecorderFriends [Latest messages]

renaissancemusic [Latest messages]

tuning [Latest messages]

ViolaDaGamba [Latest messages]

viva-vivaldi [Latest messages]

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C18-L - 18th Century Studies across Disciplines

ChoralNet Forums

CIMCIM-L - Musical Instrument Museums - archives not web accessible


ClassM-L - Classical Music List. You must register to see the archive.

Early Music List (earlym-l) Archives to 5/2001

Early MusiChicago Discussion Forum

ECD - English Country Dance List

Hpschd-L - Harpsichords and related topics

Lute & Feuillet List Archives (ftp directory) - Includes archives of the feuillet (baroque dance), lute, baroque-lute, medieval-lute, and lute-builders lists.

Mechanical Music Digest


Música Antigua


ODB Opéra


Philippe Jaroussky International Forum

Piporg-L - Pipe Organs and related topics

Recorder-L - Apparently there is no web-accessible archive.

Rendance - Renaissance dance

Société Française de Viole Forum

Site Lully Forum

sscm-L - Society for Seventeenth-Century Music list. You must register to see the archive.

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