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Vicente Martín y Soler (1754-1806)

"Cooperation between librettist and composer broke down badly [on L'isola del piacere]. Martín y Soler was living in Da Ponte's house. He impregnated a servant girl, admitted responsibility, and told [prima donna] Anna Morichelli that he did so to protect Da Ponte, who was really the father. Then, having paid off the girl, he 'went to live with Morichelli, and our long, pleasant, and envied friendship cooled off.'" J. Milhous, G. Diderikson & R.D. Hume, Italian Opera in Late Eighteenth Century London, Volume II: The Pantheon Opera and Its Aftermath, 1789-1795, page 231, quoting from Da Ponte's Memoirs, 226-7.


Vicente Martín y Soler (1754-1806). Il Sogno / La Dora Festeggiante (Complete Stage Cantatas). RCOC 1001/2 (2 CDs, September 2010). Details. Juan Bautista Otero, Real Compañía Ópera de Cámara (RCOC). Nice/Apollo: Sunhae Im, soprano; Egle/Minerva: Raffaella Milanesi, soprano; Fileno/Giove: Magnus Staveland, baritone. US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Vicente Martín y Soler (1754-1806). Ifigenia in Aulide (Naples 1779). K617 192-2 (2 CDs, November 2006). Background. Juan Bautista Otero, Real Compañía Ópera de Cámara. Ifigenia: Olga Pitarch, soprano; Achille: Betsabée Haas, soprano; Arcade: Celine Ricci, soprano; Ulisse: Marina Pardo, mezzo-soprano; Agamennone: Leif Aruhn-Solén, tenor. Great opera, but heavily cut (only 98 minutes on 2 CDs!) and rearranged with the ending the conductor thought the librettist should have written. An annoying, closely-miked harp continuo makes for a much less enjoyable listening experience than Otero's equally bizarre rearrangement of Porpora's Angelica e Medoro. As usual with K617, the only translation of the truncated libretto is in French. This is the finest work by Martin y Soler yet recorded. Hopefully someone else will be motivated to record a complete and historically-inspired version. UK | DE | FR | JP
Vicente Martín y Soler (1754-1806). Il Tutore Burlato. (1775). L'Oiseau-Lyre 00289 476 6263 1 (2 CDs, 2007, released in Spain only). Christophe Rousset, Les Talens Lyriques. Pippo: Simon Kirkbride, bass; Anselmo: Evgueniy Alexiev, bass; Il Cavaliere: Emiliano González-Toro, tenor; Violante: Anna Maria Panzarella, soprano; Menica: Judith van Wanroij, soprano; Don Fabrizio: João Fernandes, bass.
Vicente Martín y Soler (1754-1806). La Capricciosa Corretta o La Scola dei Maritati. (London 1795). Naïve Astrée AV8887 (2 CDs 2004). Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte. Christophe Rousset, Les Talens Lyriques. Fiuta: Josep Miquel Ramée, baritone; Ciprigna: Marguerite Krull, soprano; Lelio: Yves Saelens, baritone; Bobario: Enrique Baquerizo, baritone; Don Giglio: Carlos Marín, baritone; Isabella: Katia Velletaz, soprano; Cilia: Raffaella Milanesi, soprano; Valerio: Emiliano González-Toro, tenor. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP
Vicente Martín y Soler (1754-1806). La Madrileña o El Tutor Burlado. (Madrid 1778). EGT 687 (1 CD 1995), reissued on AVI 8020 (2001), reissued on Licanus CDM 0410 (2005). Carles Magraner, Capella de Ministrers. Violante: Olga Pitarch, soprano; Pipo: Josep Miquel Ramée, baritone; Caballero (Don Lelio): Antoni Aragón, tenor; Menica: Patricia Llorens, soprano; Fabricio: Santiago Santana, baritone; Anselmo: Ricardo Sanjuán, tenor. UK | DE | FR | JP
Martín y Soler. Una Cosa Rara ossia Belleza ed Onestà. (Vienna 1786). Astrée E 8760 (3 CDs 1991). Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte. Jordi Savall, Le Concert des Nations, La Capella Reial de Catalunya. Maria Angeles Peters, Montserrat Figueras, Gloria Fabuel, Ernesto Palacio, Iñaki Fresán, Fernando Belaza-Leoz, Stefano Palatchi, Francesc Garrigosa. Substandard, live recording of a mediocre performance. The non-HIP guitar continuo sounds particularly odd in this classical opera. Despite a 174-page booklet, the singers' roles are not identified. US | UK | DE | FR | CA


Dorothea Link. The Da Ponte Operas of Vicente Martín y Soler. (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Toronto, 1991).
Dorothea Link, L'arbore di Diana, a model for Così fan tutte, in Stanley Sadie (ed.), Wolfgang Amadè Mozart: Essays on his Life and his Music 362-373. Oxford University Press, 1996. US | UK | CA

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