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Home » Italian Composers » Pistocchi

Francesco Antonio Pistocchi (1659-1726)

Pistocchi, a castrato, singing teacher and composer, was the founder of the Bolognese school of virtuoso singing. Famous castrati who studied with Pistocchi included Senesino, Bernacchi, and Carestini, all of whom starred in Handel operas.


Pistocchi. Il Narcisso (Ansbach 1697). Libretto by Apostolo Zeno (original wordbook, starts at page 103). Frequent source of Handel borrowing. Kai Wessel, Barockensemble der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. Narciso: Katarina Bradic, contralto; Eco: Roberta Invernizzi, soprano; Cidippe: Cordelia Katharina Weil, mezzo-soprano; Uranio: Anna Lucia Richter, soprano; Lesbino: Marie Seidler, contralto; Tirreno: Sebastien Auer, bass. It was recorded for radio broadcast on WDR 3 and hopefully will be released on CD.


Francesco Antonio Pistocchi. Il Martirio di S.Adriano (Modena 1692). Symphonia SY 01192-3 (2 CDs 2002). Francesco Baroni, Compagnia de' Musici. Patrizia Vaccari, soprano; Alessandro Carmignani, alto; Gianlucca Ferrarini, tenor; Sergio Foresti, bass; Alessandro Ciccolini, primo violino di concerto. José Enrique Amaro recommended this recording in a message to the Italian Baroque Yahoo! group. UK | DE | FR
Reiussed on Pan Classics (2013): US | UK | FR | DE | CA | JP
Francesco Antonio Pistocchi. Kantaten und Duette. Cavalli 312 (1 CD 2001). Barbara Schlick, soprano; Kai Wessel, countertenor. Sabine Erdmann, harpsichord; Gerhart Darmstadt, cello; Ulrich Wedemeier, lute & guitar. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP


Victor Crowther. The Oratorio in Modena. Oxford University Press 1992. 215 pages. Includes a chapter on Pistocchi's Il martirio di S. Adriano, with musical examples. US | UK | DE | FR | CA | JP

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